Hebrew Words For Praise

There are 7 Hebrew words for praise. From least used to most. 1) Shabach means to Shout! Used 11 times as in Psalm 63:3. 2) Todah means Thanks/Thanksgiving. Used 32 times as in Jeremiah 17:26. 3) Zamar means to Touch strings. Used 45 times as in Psalm 21:13 4) Tehillah means Songs of Praise. ItContinue reading “Hebrew Words For Praise”

Things I Am Reminded Of…

Embrace every scar as a lesson — to make me more like Yeshua/Jesus. Grow in a love relationship with the Author of Scripture, The Creator of Life and all things Living. Embrace every pain as a peeling away the layers of the onion that we are — to make me know that in new ways,Continue reading “Things I Am Reminded Of…”

His Life Is Written…On My Heart

I keep one special book near my bed: my dad’s Bible.  It is an old leather black Bible, expensive leather, worn now, with the edges exhibiting tears, folds and coffee stains intruding out of the faded black.  The cover has “Holy Bible” and “Marion W King” written in gold letters. Inside the Bible both myContinue reading “His Life Is Written…On My Heart”

In The Stillness and Silence…

Sometimes we don’t hear YHVH because we don’t know how to accept silence or stillness.  Sometimes it’s denial or other reasons but if we learn to be silent and be still we can hear His voice. It may not be loud or coming through a trumpet, it might be like the tinkling sound of brass.Continue reading “In The Stillness and Silence…”