Not a Moment & Surrendering

“There’s not a Moment in which God does not present Himself under the cover of some Pain to be Endured, of some Consolation to be Enjoyed, or of some Duty to be Performed. All that takes place Within us, Around us, or Through us, contains and conceals His Divine action.” “Surrendering is Intentionally laying downContinue reading “Not a Moment & Surrendering”

Draw A Line in the Sand

RE: This is so huge, especially for children and adults who have gone through sexual crimes, rape and/or physical attacks and bullying. Sadly I’ve experienced all of those categories. I don’t get into politics much at all but I’ve stayed silent for too long. When this issue was brought up a week or so ago,Continue reading “Draw A Line in the Sand”

Negative Elements of the 10 Commandments

I wrote this a few days ago. For some time now I’ve been writing the Torah and the 613 commandments to help me better understand what the Commandments or Mitzvot are all about. As I was writing these 10 (CJB version) I began thinking about how so many of these are unknown to others, someContinue reading “Negative Elements of the 10 Commandments”

Mosaics of Life

My entire life has been broken, maybe not from the start, shortly after my teen years. My passion is reaching out to the broken ones and tucking them in close; one broken soul carrying another broken soul, and we manage to make it through. We don’t set out each day in wonder and think, “Oh,Continue reading “Mosaics of Life”