What is Trauma?

Trauma is something horrific that has happened to you that caused you grief, pain, and hurt, so deeply that it actually changed your heart toward life. Trauma is something that happened to you, either recently or in former years. Trauma does not define you. The images and pictures play over and over, and this isContinue reading “What is Trauma?”

Certain Reservations

I’ve not been here in a while, this place in my mind is reserved. Too many thoughts rambling about, searching for words. Deception, lies, deceit, words unjust and unclean to my mind and my thoughts; a world full of people who are drowning in hurt; they have let pride and stench from the ugly andContinue reading “Certain Reservations”

Attitude of Gratitude

“When people think of generosity, they usually think of gift giving, especially during the winter holidays. The focus is on what you give and what you get. A few others focus on the needy. On an daily basis, most people in public are bombarded with homeless people offering to work for food, and on televisionContinue reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

Tread Lightly

Proverbs 15:1 — “A soft answer turns away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Take every thought captive.  I always thought I knew what this meant, but I was very wrong about it. Then I started making major changes in my life and was shown these verses in Isaiah 55:8 -11: 8  “My thoughtsContinue reading “Tread Lightly”

…Can You Hear Me Now?

Sometimes we don’t hear Yahweh/God because we don’t know how to accept silence or stillness. Sometimes it’s denial or other reasons but if we learn to be silent and be still we can hear His voice. It may not be loud or coming through a trumpet, it might be like the tinkling sound of brass.Continue reading “…Can You Hear Me Now?”

Radical Generosity

When you are radically grateful for what you have, you will go to radical lengths to share it. When you are radically grateful for being blessed — you are radically generous to the oppressed. When you are radically grateful, you live out of a place of radical abundance — there’s always more space for moreContinue reading “Radical Generosity”