Hebrew Words For Praise

There are 7 Hebrew words for praise.

From least used to most.
1) Shabach means to Shout! Used 11 times as in Psalm 63:3.

2) Todah means Thanks/Thanksgiving. Used 32 times as in Jeremiah 17:26.

3) Zamar means to Touch strings. Used 45 times as in Psalm 21:13

4) Tehillah means Songs of Praise. It is where the word “Tehillim” or Psalms comes from. Used 57 times as in Psalm 23:2

5) Yadah means hands raised to receive something. Yad or Yod means Hand. Or Eagles Claw. Used 114 times as in Psalm 52:9

6) Halal means to shine; to celebrate. It is the root word for Hallelu’YAH! Used 165 times as in Psalm 22:22

7) Barak means to Bless; to kneel; to bow down. It is used as Praise 330 times in Scripture, as in Psalm. 66:20.

Praise Our Heavenly Father. In many ways, praise Him, celebrate Him, shout to Him, throw your hands up, bow in His presence, receive Him.

Published by Nancy

I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a writer, a friend. I cook, clean, work, teach, study, live, love and laugh, but when it’s all said and done, I still feel empty. I want what I can’t have, I’ve wanted it for a long time but it was taken. I thought to myself, the desire for it should go away now that I’ve prayed…I’ve cried, begged, pleaded and even pretended it wasn’t there; I cry out to God and beg Him to please just take this from me, do something to strip me of the earthly desires, of the evil in my heart and nothing happens…it’s still there and some days it’s hard to swallow and suck down the tears inside, it hurts so much and in one brief moment, it could all be gone so quickly! He gives me words to bless others with and release my own thoughts.

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