I’ve been blogging for a LOT of years, at least 16 and maybe more. Quite a few people over the years have expressed the desire to blog and often ask me, “What do/can I write about”?

When I first started blogging I was homeschooling my youngest daughter, who was in 6th grade at the time. I naturally blogged about school days and curriculum and I used a ton of photos to make it look long! haha… 🙂

I loved writing and creating poetry from the time I was 9 years old, it seemed so natural for me. Once I started my own blog and started using my own platform and template that I actually wrote the HTML for it became harder. It wasn’t because of the extra work or learning, that became quite fun and seemed like it a niche for me. I had never taken classes or anything. My friend Eric N. helped me a bunch.

What stopped me in my tracks every day was the blank white screen, it was kind of ‘freaky’ at first and I shared with others how it might seem that way to them as well. Oh, the emails about that white screen. I explored many other ways to write and just copy and paste my content and that was very helpful.

As far as what to write, what content, ugggh…that went well for many years, up until about 4 years ago. I think I just wrote so emotionally because my life was like a roller coaster. One day, I just couldn’t do it anymore, everything in me felt so empty, gone, no more of the poetically inspired pieces that I learned to layout on a blank screen. I tried many things to bring that deep-seated desire that burned within me for so many years and it just wouldn’t come.

I spent many days just crying into a blank screen. I prayed for years, God please, empty me of myself and help me find the words…it didn’t do any good. I had done this to myself, it was a good thing, I needed it but I needed to be able to write too. I found writing prompts and I would slowly do one a day and that was my ‘saving grace’ for a while longer.

I found small devotions that I could quote scripture and write what it meant to me and how it affected my life. I did the Five Minute Fridays where a group of women or anyone really, could join in and type endlessly with mistakes and all for five minutes and then post or tag on your own post to many others. It was hard to stop cheating with the backspace key right there at my pinkie finger.

Doing these group posts several days a week got me through some long dry periods and gave me comfort that I could once again, get those words out.

Now, I’m starting a streak of blogging for however long it lasts. Yes, I really love being spontaneous. Just search for writing prompts and never pay for them unless you’re just eager to spend some money.

Here’s a book I use and Kelsey has found a couple leads that she may take a stab at too. I did pay a single dollar for it at a Salvation Army store…

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