Our Creator desires to captivate us, not just with His handiwork but with Himself. His character is shown in the starry-filled skies that fill the night, the mornings first light, the rainbows, the ocean, all the trees and plants on land, flowers that grow and bloom over and over again. We never know how or when He might show Himself through His creation.

blue star cluster

Breathless, Glowing, A Singular Sensation

I almost can’t breathe as I feel these words come to fruition.  I close my eyes not even seeing the finale of that which is in my mind.

Isn’t that all of life? The times we are waiting to arrive, we breathe in thoughts of mercy and praise at the same time. In the dimmed light of the day when all life is quiet and peaceful these words came to me.

A whisper floats through my mind at this very moment, as my soul emerges, it’s the celebrations of Feasts, the hesitation of atonement, a small voice that asks, “will I be forgiven yet again?”

A singular silent moment in all of time. I think my heart isn’t beating as I ponder the humbling quiet of the day that awaits…these are the ways in our walk that change our everyday moments — christening each one as significant, amazing and holy.

There are so few people who can feel these words, feel the passion and breathtaking feat of getting them in writing…

This is Yeshua in me…He leaves me Breathless

Tonight after writing this and having dinner, there was a magnificent glow across the room. I looked out the window and this is what I saw. The burning of sunset and the birth of a new day in our Most Magnificent Creator!