This is my truth and I wouldn’t expect to return to the normal life we had before CoVid19 in our midst.

I think now we’ll all have a new normal.

This virus is teaching me many positive things about my life. I see more positive actions as a nation, 911 may have brought more compassion and sympathy then any event in history but as a body of people; this virus knows no gender, no sexual orientation, no racism, no limits.

Only we, as God created us, can change the actions of our own in a pandemic that’s so widespread.

On the other hand, I see some of the world as I never have, with negativity, greed, selfishness, boastfulness, pride, unstoppable fear and things my rose-colored glasses has never had to face. If nothing else, life is a giant and ugly beautiful exploration.

Crisis precedes Promotion
Be blessed in days.

Much love 💗

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