My Resume

Nancy King
Hubert, NC 28539

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Pearl Interactive Network
Winchester, KY
November 2016 to October 2017
Answered calls, assisted consumers with any issues regarding their application for Health Insurance. Filled out and suggested Health Plans to consumers calling in either with insurance or without insurance. Helped with locating documents online or in the system and most information was submitted to consumers choice of Health Plan and company. Helped consumer in locating Tax Forms that were necessary for proof to IRS. Gave direct instruction to consumers needing help with their online applications, this was done through scripting not shared screens.

Customer Service Representative (20+ years)

Volunteer Work Salvation Army – Richmond, KY
September 2013 to February 2017

My family and I have helped in many areas of volunteering with The Salvation Army, not limited to:
-Serving food (400 per day)
-Clothing and thrift stores
-Delivering food to communities  

I have personally worked with non-profit organizations for many years and love doing this type of work.
Duties included but not limited to:
-Office Procedures
-Computer skills (Expert skill level)

-Product Testing for several companies (pay through product)
-Web development
-Website design
-Organized fund raisers for Awareness
-Worked with SPCA in Kentucky – spay-neuter clinics and nursed animals back to consciousness after surgery 

I enjoy working with individuals in filling out forms, finding social organizations which could help them with life circumstances, personal counseling with women, men and young people who have been through abuse, rape, attempted suicide (I have no formal education in this role).

My father was a career Marine and my mother took care of household needs, shared in the role of authoritative position when my father was away doing his Military Duties. My family did many volunteer jobs which have helped to mold me in the person I am today.  I am very adept at emotionally disconnecting from a situation and continuing into a working/business environment.


English, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice EKU – Richmond, KY
September 1997 to May 2003

Publications The Girlhood Home Companion /Magazine:

Additional Information

I am very interested in night shift positions.  I have many years of experience with the following:
Subway, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, Captain D’s, Shoney’s and other private owned restaurants.