Like a Flashlight

I woke up early this morning, nearly two hours earlier than my alarm was set for. The bedroom was lit brightly and I couldn’t get back to sleep when I saw this beautiful view.   A person would have a hard time capturing that on a 1960’s Kodak Camera, my phone camera isn’t the best … [Read more…]

Life Preserved

“Sitting in the dark. In the terrible. In what seems impossible. The understanding of life as gift – is more fundamental for our stance toward life preservation than the language of right to life. The understanding of life as a gift isn’t overwrought eloquence – it’s understanding how we overcome the enemy. Life as a … [Read more…]

Living Real

I’m fifty-three. and I’m just now starting to understand what it means to be real. It’s more than just existing, brushing my hair, my teeth and putting on the same shoes time and time again. It’s more than breathing, the inhale and exhale that I don’t think about, I just do. Ten years before my … [Read more…]