Reminded Of…

Things I Am Reminded Of… Don’t confirm friendships with accolades of praise, true friends Celebrate each other. Embrace every scar as a lesson — to make me more like Yahweh/God. Grow in a love relationship with the Author of Scripture, The Creator of Life and all things Living. Embrace every pain as a peeling away … [Read more…]

Thou Shalts

The Thou Shalts… The Torah of Messiah includes the following commandments: “Thou shalt believe thou are my beloved – entirely accepted and entirely forgiven” “Thou shalt forget the shame of thy past” “Thou shalt stop thinking of your sin but rather of My great remedy for your life” “Thou shalt let me carry your woundedness … [Read more…]

Bike Chains and Rubber Bands

I’m half a century and half a decade old this year…birth year that is..and it seems like I am still peddling backwards to move a little bit forward.  It seems the bicycle of life has a rubber band instead of a chain. While giggling inside as I shared that thought with my friend Karen, who is 4 days … [Read more…]