His will or yours…

“Where He leads me, I will follow”… this is an old song from the baptist hymnal.

Have we made sure it is His leading and not our desire twist causing us to believe that it’s His.

Some I’ve known are quick to think because things went so smoothly that it had to be God’s will, and sometimes I would agree.

Other times, it’s His will and the path isn’t smooth or easy going.

A lot of times He’s taking us on a path that’s hard traveled, with tests and trials along the way, I have learned to appreciate and grow during the hard times too.

Life Produces Fruit

The moment a branch is severed from the rest of the vine, it begins to wither and die. That will be our experience if we do not remain in Him, yielded to the flow of His life through us. Independence of heart and seeking to live our own life will sever us from the flow of His life, which is in the Vine. Our own life, our human natural life is by it’s nature, that of spiritual death, the end of which is destruction (John 15:6), the only life which we now have when we are in Messiah is that which is given by Him. A branch begins to wither the moment it is severed from it’s life-source (the sap of the vine), and the process of ‘death’ will continue until it is completely dried out. Green branches will not burn, but that which is dry, in which the sap has completely dried out, is that which is ready to be burned. A life cut off from the Vine will for a while be green enough to be grafted back in, but there comes a time when it is no longer possible to do it. When completely dead, then judgment is inevitable.

But, as we abide in Him, His life will motivate us and cause us to keep His commandments and precepts. Yeshua said, “If you keep my commandments, you SHALL ABIDE in my love, even as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in His love.” John 15:10

If we abide in Him, His life in us will live the life which will produce the fruit. Messiah in us will keep the commandments, for His life is in accordance with all the Father’s expectations. We will then have the love of God flowing out from us in all that we do, and love is the fulfilling of the law. By our own efforts we can never do this. See Rom.7:13-25

It is by the evidence of His life that the world will know that we are His disciples. The love of the Father will be in us and we will manifest that to each other (John 15:12,13; 13:34,35)

Yeshua said, “I have chosen you, that you should go and bring forth fruit” John 15:16.

We have been chosen for this purpose, the only condition is to abide!

The fruit of the Spirit is listed in Galatians 5:22-23. These are the qualities of God manifest in the flesh.

Not a Moment & Surrendering

“There’s not a Moment in which God does not present Himself under the cover of some Pain to be Endured, of some Consolation to be Enjoyed, or of some Duty to be Performed. All that takes place Within us, Around us, or Through us, contains and conceals His Divine action.”

“Surrendering is Intentionally laying down the Power I Possess. And have I Considered that the power I lay down is often More powerful than That which I’m laying it down in front of? Therefore, I would be Wise to recognize that Surrender is less the Absence of Power and more the Presence of Fear.”

Draw A Line in the Sand

RE: This is so huge, especially for children and adults who have gone through sexual crimes, rape and/or physical attacks and bullying. Sadly I’ve experienced all of those categories. I don’t get into politics much at all but I’ve stayed silent for too long. When this issue was brought up a week or so ago, a few things weren’t ever considered and I am addressing them.

There needs to be a Line Drawn in the Sand and here is Why:

Drawing a line in the sand sets boundaries in our lives.

Drawing lines in the sand says I will not go beyond this point.

Knowing where our lines are helps us to know what we value and who we are.

Those boundaries should encompass both what we believe and what we do.

Scripturally, we are to set boundaries based on the Word of God. We must stand firm in our faith, or we will not stand at all.

1 Thessalonians 2:15 “Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle.”

The Other Victims

Powerful Video: The Other Victims Of Genderless Bathrooms You May Not Have Thought Of – Faith Family America

Negative Elements of the 10 Commandments

I wrote this a few days ago. For some time now I’ve been writing the Torah and the 613 commandments to help me better understand what the Commandments or Mitzvot are all about. As I was writing these 10 (CJB version) I began thinking about how so many of these are unknown to others, some may only know a few that they will use to “build themselves up,basically, fluff their appearance to hide evil deeds in a dark life they lead”.  As I began writing these I couldn’t stop thinking of the negative elements that are in each commandment…the opposite of what the command states.
It’s ironic I think, that each one with the negative added (1a, 2a, 3a etc…) doesn’t even surprise me, doesn’t phase me, I realized that I’ve become nonchalant about the negatives, this is because we all hear the stories on the news and in the paper about so many of these things. I wrote my own negative statements and it wasn’t easy to do. I know in the past I’ve committed some of them, I’m not dismissing my own mistakes and I won’t make excuses. This isn’t about me anyway, it’s about how deceived we are because of lowered standards in society, because it’s easier to accept the least than to stand up for the BEST!!!
Exodus 20 – Negative Elements of the Ten Commandments
1 “Then God said all these words:
1a- I never heard god say these words.
2 I am ADONAI your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the abode of slavery”.
2a- You are NOT Adonai my God, I did not want you to bring me out of the land of Egypt, I wanted to be left you in the abode of slavery!
3 “You are to have no other gods before me”.
3a- I want all the other gods before and not you. I will worship who I want!
4 “You are not to make for yourselves a carved image or any kind of representation of anything in heaven above, on the earth beneath or in the water below the shoreline”.
4a- I want to carve images into any representation that I want, nothing from heaven above, I will make them on the earth beneath and in the water below the shoreline. I want to have tattoos and cut lines into my body to show I am patriotic!
5 “You are not to bow down to them or serve them; for I, ADONAI your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me,
5a- I will bow down to these other gods and serve them; You are NOT Adonai, my God, you are not jealous, I do not want you to punish the children for the sins of the parents to the third or fourth generation and the ones who love me!
6 but displaying grace to the thousandth generation of those who love me and obey my mitzvot”.
6a- I will not show grace to those who love you or your commands!
7 “You are not to use lightly the name of ADONAI your God, because ADONAI will not leave unpunished someone who uses his name lightly”.
7a- I will use the name Adonai however I chose, You will NOT punish me because I use your name when I please!
8 “Remember the day, Shabbat, to set it apart for God”.
8a- What Shabbat? I will not do anything for God!
9 “You have six days to labor and do all your work,
9a- I want to work as little or as much as I please!
10 but the seventh day is a Shabbat for ADONAI your God. On it, you are not to do any kind of work -not you, your son or your daughter, not your male or female slave, not your livestock, and not the foreigner staying with you inside the gates to your property”.
10a- This is NOT the Shabbat you speak of, I will only go to church on Sundays. I want to work after church and no one can stop me and my wife and children, my slaves will work and my cattle will work, the foreigner will work with me if I tell them to!!
11 “For in six days, ADONAI made heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them; but on the seventh day he rested. This is why ADONAI blessed the day, Shabbat, and separated it for himself”.
11a- There is no way the whole heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them were made in 6 days, Sunday is my day to go out and party after sitting in Sunday church!
12 “Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land which ADONAI your God is giving you”.
12a- I don’t want to honour my father and mother, they never honoured or nurtured me, I will live a long time without them! Adonai is not my god, that is just a name for something stupid.
13 “Do not murder”.
13a- I want to murder.
14 “Do not commit adultery”.
14a- I want to commit adultery.
15 “Do not steal”.
15a- I love to steal!
16 “Do not give false evidence against your neighbor”.
16a- My neighbour says things about me that are not true, if he can lie about me then I will him.
17 “Do not covet your neighbor’s house; do not covet your neighbor’s wife, his male or female slave, his ox, his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor”.
17a- I want my neighbour’s house; I want his wife, his children and his female slave, his ox and donkey and anythng that he owns. I am much more deserving!!
In closing, I would challenge you all to do your own Ten Commandments challenge of writing your negative elements/reactions. I’m not suggesting that it needs to be an emotionally charged response, but if it is then that’s great, don’t you think? I think we all need to take a really good look at the lives we are living, admit and accept that we’ve made our mistakes, but in that time I suggest making changes in your lives as well. The ‘walking out your salvation’ for most people I know, ‘baby boomers’ is now into two generations of each of our family’s.
I’ve been reading over the negative elements that I’ve written and I weep and I notice that my prayers are not about surface things anymore but about supplication; deeper, more intimate relationship with Yeshua, about healing for others and whoever is reading this, I consider the ‘others’. I also would point out that this is for healing in our lives, what we’ve allowed and it’s not about condemnation of others or ourselves.
My prayer for you is that if you read this and you feel regret or remorse, which I think most will be, that you consider very seriously what you can do to make a difference. It’s high time that we start doing for the BEST (Jesus/Yeshua) and stop putting our ego/self above others, above the Values and Morals that we desire for our children and grandchildren to have. That we start raising up a generation of Warriors who will join in the right plight for the Kingdom, have Intentional Purpose for the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!!

Mosaics of Life

My entire life has been broken, maybe not from the start, shortly after my teen years. My passion is reaching out to the broken ones and tucking them in close; one broken soul carrying another broken soul, and we manage to make it through.

We don’t set out each day in wonder and think, “Oh, how might I break today, how much more can my life be fallen” but maybe we should. I cannot express the  disdain I had of being broken. The feeling of pulling back the cover on my heart, the thick blanket meandering around my shoulders while I am whispering to You.

We’ve been made to think that broken is a bad thing, something to be ashamed of, to coil into like a slithering snake and huddle in the darkness. Being broken makes mosaics, those little intricate lines and cracks that make up the letters into words of our own deep stories, being broken hurts. This is not something anyone wants but the Father wants it for us so we can draw closer to Him.

This is what relationship is all about, taking the bits and pieces and showing the bright Light that comes beaming from between each little crack. It’s what the He does best, breathing soft Life into each part, into my heart and watching the mending, even though there are scars left behind. Maybe those times can be remembered as a comfortable blur in a mosaic of my life.

It’s that stepping off the cliff and standing on air, hovering gently waiting on Him with every breath and faith that He will always be there.  His arms around me and showing me the life I live from high above, higher above than I’ve ever known to be.

Many people tell me, “all you need is Him, but then, you need this…and this…and this thing too…” and the milestone of brokenness hangs heavy and all I can do is collapse. There’s no running away from the shadows, because He’s in the shadows, He’s carrying me and I feel his grace run through me.

He’s in the Light. He’s in the dark. He IS. the marks are like ink on the page. they speak of a greater story, a deeper grace. They show that you are strong, wandering through fire but held tender and close.