Picture Memories

I thought each week I’d set out to do a post of a childhood memory and add a picture (googled or found on Bing) of an event. I thought this would be fun to do and add some positive memories to my life.  I was around 6/7 years old and I was at school, we were […]... Read More

Mosaics of Life

My entire life has been broken, maybe not from the start, shortly after my teen years. My passion is reaching out to the broken ones and tucking them in close; one broken soul carrying another broken soul, and we manage to make it through. We don’t set out each day in wonder and think, “Oh, […]... Read More

Certain Reservations

I’ve not been here in a while, this place in my mind is reserved. Too many thoughts rambling about, searching for words. Deception, lies, deceit, words unjust and unclean to my mind and my thoughts; a world full of people who are drowning in hurt; they have let pride and stench from the ugly and […]... Read More

Attitude of Gratitude

“When people think of generosity, they usually think of gift giving, especially during the winter holidays. The focus is on what you give and what you get. A few others focus on the needy. On an daily basis, most people in public are bombarded with homeless people offering to work for food, and on television […]... Read More

My One Desire

Developing a closer relationship with our Abba Father reflects a heart that is truly reborn, for only those who are in His Spirit desire a closer relationship with Him. In this life we will never be as close to Yeshua as we ought to be, or maybe even as we desire to be and the reason […]... Read More