…Can You Hear Me Now?

Sometimes we don’t hear Yahweh/God because we don’t know how to accept silence or stillness. Sometimes it’s denial or other reasons but if we learn to be silent and be still we can hear His voice. It may not be loud or coming through a trumpet, it might be like the tinkling sound of brass. Small. Whispers. It might not be a sound at all, just a feeling inside of us.

There’s a lot of truth in this statement. “Be still, and know that I am God; I WILL be exalted among the nations, I WILL be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10. I love this verse, I can see where it is talking to us as individuals saying, listen up all you people because even if you don’t I will be Known and Heard among all people, so don’t wait till then because it just might be too late.

He will get through to us, somehow, and we probably won’t like it! I have lots of experience with this. I know that silence is present because He’s trying to talk to me and wants me to tune into His voice. I have this friend who, just a few nights ago that is seeking a way to hear Him. I told her that she’s at a place now where she has so little to distract her that it’s making her uncomfortable and she probably can’t hear Him because she’s trying to find a distraction.

We need to be open and willing but He gives us a chance to hear Him on our own and we have to learn how and what capacity we can hear Him in.  Once we do doing that, then we’re thinking to ourselves. “how could I NOT hear Him talking to me”…I quite enjoy the stillness and silence myself because I know the opposite can be much worse, anxiety and rattled thoughts, hopeless feelings. I know in the silence He’s always there.

Sometimes its uncomfortable to hear what He has to say, usually when He is trying to tell us to get sin out of our life. We do often try and find ways to tune it out if it’s uncomfortable. Kinda like the dog in the movie Up ‘squirrel’. If you watched the movie. We might not be as bad as that poor dog but we do have our own ‘triggers’ that keep us from truly hearing Him. I also had a lot of experience not listening, I joke I can still feel the hammer marks on my head from all that pounding He gave me. Now I much like the silence, not just in my own, mind but around me I like the stillness within that only He can provide.

Another verse that dives into truth on stillness is: “Stand STILL and see the salvation of Yahweh who is with me.” Exodus 14:13.

Often we get impatient waiting but it’s in those times we are being transformed, learning to trust, to wait to be STILL and watch Him work His wonders! It’s part of removing the defilement often times. Not only in our own lives but in those around us. He is faithful and certainly doesn’t need our help. We have to move aside sometimes and watch the Holy One work out His plans and purposes. What a beautiful thing! I never want to be in a position that I’m not on my face, humble, seeking and waiting on Him! It’s in these times I am closest to Him. Doesn’t it seem that way?

“I only want to go lower” is something I penned last summer, it means, I always want to be at His feet, I want to be continuously reminded of our great ‘I AM’ and that He is in control my life. It is in these times that the small silent and quiet times are so illuminating for many of us…though some are afraid of them…if people only knew what it all really means.

I am reminded of the song “You Raise Me Up” even though Josh Groban wrote it for his grandmother, that song was so meaningful and so empowering because as Yahweh is raising us, we should desire to be lower in order to be Higher.

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