Times of Change

There have been so many endings and surprise beginnings in my 57 years. Paths I never dreamt of, opened up while other paths closed forever. What I have discovered is a deepening closeness with YHVH – our Creator. From relationship With Him I am gaining strength and sometimes I can place my feet where needed […]

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‘eye of the beholder’

no one says anything about the ugly, not unless there’s something beautiful after. what if there’s nothing that’s beautiful, what if we just keep having ugly after ugly; can we wash off and become beautiful. the proverbs say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but who is your beholder, who picks you up […]

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Watch and Download Movie Twisted Pair (2018)

Twisted Pair Released October, 10 2018|Duration : 1 hours 29 minutes 0 DIRECTED BY : Neil Breen. WRITTEN BY : Neil Breen. PRODUCED BY : Neil Breen. GENRE : Drama, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction. VIDEO : 720p. LANGUAGE : English. Watch NowDownload MORE INFO COUNTRY : United States of America. PRODUCTION BY : Neil Breen […]

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